Baku Olympic Stadium hosts trainings for safe driving

Baku Olympic Stadium hosts trainings for safe driving

As has been reported, Baku Olympic Stadium is not only a sports facility, but also multi-functional center for business opportunities and public rest. At the stadium there is a broad infrastructure, equipped with the facilities of different functions. Currently there operate a few large companies, in this list is HED Academy.

"HED Academy" provides for over 26 years trainings and consulting by certified experts in the field of health, safety, environment and quality, within the discipline of road safety. As deputy director of HED Academy Ruslan Ibrahimov told, "the basic policy of the company is to provide the necessary knowledge and experience of drivers for safe driving. Of course, for effective action it is necessary to choose an appropriate location that meets all quality and safety standards that is why HED Academy rents office and provides training at the territory of Baku Olympic Stadium. "

The main clients of HED Academy are large companies such as BP, Castrol, Exxon Mobil, Gilan, but training on safe driving is available to everyone regardless of the type of activity and the type of vehicle.

On the territory of the stadium everybody can get both theoretical and practical exercises, large driving zone simulates snowy, rainy or foggy weather with a corresponding obstacle. Such trainings are conducted by certified instructors for about 20 students every day.

We introduce you the video from the practice session, the theme of which is the safe driving and to slow maneuver in slippery road conditions.

If you are interested in this information and would like to participate in these trainings, please call: +994 12 422 64 10; +994 55 511 21 27