By delivering quality service and luxurious surroundings along with exceptional views of the action Skyboxes represent special feature of corporate hospitality.

As a skybox holder, you and your guests are entitled to:

- Prime position with fantastic viewing

- An outdoor balcony to enjoy the atmosphere

- Gourmet menus

- Dedicated customer service staff

- Corporate entrances

- Exclusive access to corporate facilities

- Parking

- Comfortable cushioned seats with cup holders

We have 124 Skyboxes of various sizes and capacity.

Corporate boxes are located at the stadium's 2nd and 4th levels on the east and west sides that provide full pitch panorama. Hostess will meet you and your guests, accompany you to the corporate boxes and answer all questions.

It is possible to use corporate boxes on the match days and on non-match days. Thus, Skybox can become your prestigious office in the heart of Baku.

Additional services: catering, hostesses, parking.

For additional information please contact our Events team:

Tel.: +994 12 422 64 10, +994 12 422 64 15

Mob.: +994 55 979 59 89