School tour

What can be more exciting than visiting the holy of holies of the stadium - places that provoke interest of little football fans, places where favorite players prepare for a match.

At the start of the tour young guests will get information about the Stadium, past events and will see short film about construction process

At the players’ zone our young fans will visit the changing rooms of National team, where they can feel like real footballers.

Guests will be able to go up the players’ tunnel to the main pitch, bench

At the tribune young sportsmen will be able to take a real fan course: learn the most popular method of players support – making the waves and, of course, will learn a few football chants.

The tour will be accompanied with the exciting narration about the peculiarities of the stadium, interesting facts about facilities and upcoming events

You will present your children with an unforgettable tour around the sport world, where you will be able to make a photo with the breath-taking view to the stadium.

Tour duration is 40 minutes.

There is a possibility to reserve the tour on Azerbaijani and English

Tours are not conducted in match days or other event days.

For additional information please contact our Tours team:

Tel.: +994 12 422 64 10, +994 12 422 64 15

Mob.: +994 55 822 64 10


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