Novelties at BOS

The matches of the Nations League will be held under the updated operational protocol, which was developed for the final match of the Europa League in 2019. This protocol is coordinated and approved between UEFA, AFFA, LOC and BOS and will touch upon various areas of the match organization.

So, the entrance to the stadium for spectators and other client groups (representatives of TV and Media, VIP guests, volunteers) will be carried out through turnstiles. The software of this equipment is configured to recognize both bar codes and RFID (radio frequency identification). The purpose of the turnstiles is to speed up the checking of tickets, which reduces the overall flow of visitors to the access points to the stands. It is important to note that turnstiles are adapted for people with disabilities.

In total, 124 turnstiles are installed at the stadium, of which 110 will be used for the general flow of visitors, 4 for people with disabilities, and 10 for VIP guests.

In addition, the concept of the tribune designation was changed. If before there was a differentiation of the stands on the sides of the world (north, south, west, east and divisions - south-west, etc.), now the zoning of the stadium is indicated by 4 colors (red, yellow, blue, green), and entrances - figures from 1 to 22. This will significantly facilitate the orientation of visitors to the stadium during matches and other events.

There are changes in the number of seats. Passive platforms for cameras, which can optionally be used as extra at athletic competitions, are replaced by seats for fans. Some platforms of the football mode are slightly reduced, which provides a wider view for the fans that sit behind these platforms.

Entrance to the mix-zone for journalists will be carried out through a separate door, and for the "exclusive" mix-zone, journalists working there will be provided with an additional sticker for accreditation.

Innovations will affect the Spectator Services. So, the mechanism of the Lost and Found will be more refined. Each found item will be transferred to the representative of the Spectators Service and after filling in the forms is posted to the Lost and Found office, which is in the stands. The owner of the lost thing will be able to address there or to the representatives of the stadium within a week after the loss. At the same time, the list of lost items will be published on the official BOS channels. If no treatment is received within this period, the packet with the lost object and the protocol will be transferred to the security services.