Baku Olympic Stadium will host marketing training

On 12th of March Baku Olympic Stadium will host marketing training. We present you an interview with a business coach, marketer Ilham Efendiyev.

- First of all, please tell us more about the training that will be organized at the Olympic Stadium on 12th of March. Why did you choose this topic?

The idea of ​​training "Profitable Marketing. The requirement for the post-oil era" appeared in the wake of recent events in the country's economy, which is so heavily influenced, can be said, for all businesses in Azerbaijan.

Since the 2-devaluations, reduce the cost of oil, and along with this form of natural market relations the role of marketing as a tool that can and should bring profit increased by several times, I would even say that the use of the methods of marketing the usual for foreign companies, but are new to Azerbaijan has become a requirement of post-oil era.

Practical training "Profitable Marketing" will be held for the first time on 12th March in the conference hall of Baku Olympic Stadium.

Training will be interesting for entrepreneurs, executives, marketing and sales managers, and generally everyone who is in search of an answer to the question "Where to look for profit?".

Also note that in the breaks, participants will have the opportunity to establish contacts and network with peers. By the way, one of the first who have registered to participate in the training, has become public figure Bahram Bagirzade. Interesting fact about trainings in Azerbaijan is that on the fifth day after the beginning of the registration number of the registered persons reached 50, among them two representatives of foreign states. Fortunately in the conference hall has simultaneous translation equipment.

The idea of ​​training caused a great resonance in social networks, and today I am dealing with many young people who wish to spread the idea of ​​a profitable marketing.

- Without revealing all the details of the upcoming training, which business solutions can offer in this difficult time?

At the training, we will practice techniques that allow you to make marketing more profitable, as we will show marketing moves by the example of countries have passed through the crisis. Working in groups, we, together with the participants of the training will try to develop an anti-crisis program, which with a few adjustments everyone can use in their business and work. This training is not in a lecture format, which is currently widely practiced here in Azerbaijan. Here I will show examples of successful strategies from his experience. To date, practical trainings interactively where participants not only gain knowledge, but also to fix them in group work has become an important element in the program to resolve the crisis for each company.

- You have extensive experience in various fields. But perhaps there is a period, you can allocate special, which most influenced your development?

Such moments in the past 20 years career had a few. But I will note only a few of them. The brightest moments I consider participating in a mega project of European games "Baku 2015" where I was fortunate to work in a team of professionals from dozens of countries. By the way there I hooked my experience in organizing activities at a professional level. Another highlight is the period of one of the mobile operators in Azerbaijan, where we have carried out in the team at the highest level the company's rebranding.

- In your luggage is Dutch Institute of Marketing Diploma and the knowledge gained during their studies at the Moscow Business School. How big role in your formation played a degree obtained on the basis of international standards?

I have 20 years working in various companies, was the career path of an advertising manager to a business coach and consultant and have always felt the importance of continuous improvement of knowledge. This is primarily due to the fact that requirements change, new technologies are coming from abroad and you have to keep up with the times.

- To carry out the training you have chosen the Olympic Stadium. Why this location?

You know in the news recently is actively exaggerated theme of the Olympic Stadium, or rather its misuse. With this training, I want to show that the infrastructure of the stadium, as well as in other stadiums in the world can be used for various purposes, especially if this is our stadium, where all is equipped with the latest technology. By the way, we moved into the Olympic Stadium coworking area to work on the preparation for the training and I am fully happy with all the atmosphere here.