На БОС открывается пикник-зона

Baku Olympic Stadium again comes with a different project.

We have created a Picnic Zone for those who do not want to spend hot summer months on the beaches and in remote areas. Taking into consideration the numerous requests and requests that came after the Euro-2016 Fan Zone that took place in July last year, we decided to create such a family picnic area in the city. You can come here with your family and friends to relax and entertain your children in the playground.

You can play soccer, volleyball, table games, and tastes that you bring with us at our Picnic Zone, which will function from 5 August. Taking into account the hot days of the summer months, the Picnic Zone will operate from 2am to 8am in the morning and from 6 to 9 pm in the morning. Everyone will be free to bring food and drink to the Picnic Zone. In addition, the most affordable bike rental in the capital will be at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

In our service, which will be distinguished by price and quality, you can drive bikes not only in the Stadium area, but also on Bigshor Boulevard. The Yoga classes for adults from 20:00 to 21:00 will be organized every Saturday night, and the master class for our kids will be free of charge at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

For additional information and reservation: +994 55 822 64 10; +994 12 422 64 10/15